Phase One of the Master Site plan is estimated at approximately $3.7M

High-level breakdown of how capital will be spent:

~60% spent on improvements to Sanctuary

~40% spent on existing buildings, including:

Christian Education building (110 Creek Street)

Prayer Chapel (Old Sunday House)

Multi-purpose/Quilters (Klaerner House)


What is in the new Christian Education building (110 Creek St.)?

This space will be dedicated for adult education, small groups, and community ed.  Each floor will consist of; four medium size classrooms, one large classroom, and a new bathroom. In total, 10 classrooms, M/F bathrooms on each floor, and new compliant staircase.

How does Sanctuary Improvements get allocated?

~1/3 of the cost for restoration of bell tower!

~1/3 of the cost for a fire sprinkler system!

~1/3 of the cost on face-lift of basement!

What is in the new Prayer Chapel (Old Sunday House)?

The chapel will serve as a quaint one room place to pray, hold small  group study, or private services.

What is in the new Multi-purpose/Quilters building (Klaerner House)?

Main level will consist of three rooms of various sizes, new bathroom, with large storage rooms upstairs. Space is currently allocated to both of our Quilting groups to continue blessing others with their works. The final design is still in review.

God has already blessed us with a GREAT start with funding of over $400,000! Gifts can be given in cash, stocks, bonds, insurance policies, personal properties, etc.! You can give (in addition to your normal tithes) a one-time amount or commit to a three-year plan or BOTH!

Dedication Weekend is April 9-10 with your opportunity to show support! Please use the pink “Capital Campaign Fund” envelopes or you can give on-line at 

For other specific information or questions, please contact:

Congregational President – Greg Henricksen, 830-644-8081

Capital Campaign Chair – Kathy Boos, 830-456-7218

Building Team Chair – David Bullion 830-998-1889